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April 20, 2008


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i'm so glad you posted again. this is something i very much needed to read and be reminded of. thank you doesn't quite express my gratitude, but thank you all the same.


Great analogy...and b/c I'm not a great tennis player, I can visualize the stumbling at any cost to get back to the center and re-focus on Jesus and His place. For some reason, it's so hard to "get" sometimes, but hopefully the visual will work! Thanks girl!

Marla Taviano

Loved getting to know you guys better tonight. Thanks SO much for the amazing food and wonderful fellowship!

Ohayo gozaimasu! Er, konnichiwa! Uh, sayonara?!

David Ecrement


Wonderful analogy. (I'm out of breath thinking about it!) But I'd rather be a little winded and ready for the next shot--relying on God's strength at center baseline--vs. running around the court like a maniac (doing everything in my own strength.) OK, now I just need to practice more...

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