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January 26, 2009


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Wow, this is beautifully written. And so true. Matt and I are having what-seems-like a constant conversation in our home: should I go back to work; can we afford to sell our condo and buy a house; what about replacing our broken dryer, beat-up vacuum and raggedy furniture? And what is this all about? It's about our desire to have something that works better, or to live somewhere bigger, or to have more money. All to be, like you said, comfortable. But only comfortable here on earth (whatever that even looks like!). So what if I have to hang dry the clothes? Hey, the vacuum gets the job done, why am I not grateful? And we have a roof over our heads, isn't that awesome enough?
Thank you, Tammy, for giving me the perspective that I need.
Lord, help me to desire YOU! I want to be yours, not the worlds. Thank you for loving me no matter what my life looks like here on earth. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you.

Marla Taviano

I have this friend named Ali, and she pointed me to your blog today. :) I felt like a louse for not reading your blog all these months--then I noticed that you haven't been posting all these months. :) Whew.

Thank you heaps for these Spirit-inspired words. They hit me right between the stinking eyeballs.

Love you!


You are right on, friend. I needed this today. THANKS for being transparent and encouraging....two of the things I so love you for! Hope to see you soon.


:) I was just talking to someone today about God's perfect timing and the tension we experience between wanting suffering to end, yet seeing God build faith in the midst. Waiting in suffering, the hard work of being free ...it's the whole cacoon/butterfly, chick/egg message.
Yes, Jesus I'm so prone to wander and want the path of least resistance, of comfort and ease for myself and others ... forgive me. Have mercy, hold us fast in the hard places that we would experience You.

mary kate

tam, i love you so much. thanks for speaking truth even when it's so hard to hear.

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